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Wrye Bash – Powerful mod and save management utility for Oblivion, Skyrim, Skyrim SE, Enderal, Fallout 3 – 4, New Vegas. Wrye Bash allows you to correctly install/uninstall new mods into the game and most completely removes from the game all the “tails” from the uninstalled mod. Instructions for use: Gravicapa

Update: 307 (release)

Requires the latest versions of Skyrim SE and higher, Fallout 4 v1.10.163.0 and higher, Enderal and higher.

Major changes:

  • Wrye Bash is now a 64-bit application, 32-bit systems are no longer supported.
  • [New] Made a small internal refactoring.
  • Improved performance when switching selected settings or in the INI editor tab.
  • BAIN now correctly shows BSA conflicts with BSA specified in the game INI.
  • SpellStats no longer fixes SPEL \ FULL as Names already handles this.
  • SpellStats now also updates flags (SPIT) to match EffectStats and EnchantmentStats.
  • TES5: SpellStats now also fixes SCRL \ SPIT.
  • Made some minor improvements to various commands for usability and so that they can work with multiple files.
  • Changed all binaries in the bundle to 64-bit.

For a complete list of all changes, see https://wrye-bash.github.io/docs/Wrye%20Bash%20Version%20History.html


CAUTION! Many letters. I am writing this guide for an inexperienced user. For the advanced ones have figured it out for a long time themselves, read the reference (the reference is sensible, but voluminous and in English). An inexperienced user simply does not need all the functionality. But if there are questions not covered here, I will try to answer. And most importantly, anyone who wants to understand and work with the program will have to read this manual to the end.


  1. Wrye Bash allows you to correctly install/uninstall new mods into the game, and most completely removes from the game all the “tails” from the uninstalled mod – returns to its previous form almost all meshes and textures it overwrites, and also removes the MOST added by the mod scripts.
  2. Allows you to edit the order of loading mods.
  3. Allows you to edit ini-files of the game
  4. Allows you to rename and delete saves, as well as create profiles – in fact, separate folders, which are stored saves and basic game settings. Thanks to this, you can play both at the same time for several characters, and for several players on one computer (and all this – with YOUR set of mods for each profile!) – the save will not “overlap” and interfere with each other.
  5. Allows you to create a special esp file called a bashed patch. With the help of this patch, among other things, you can easily and simply, without resorting to using any additional mods, change many global variables of the game, in fact, completely plowing its gameplay.
  6. Allows you to work with saves. More on this below.
  7. Well, and still, Wrye Bash can do a lot of other things, in 99 cases out of 100 it is simply not necessary for an ordinary player, but often necessary for creators, localizers, and mod testers.


  • Installed package Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015-2019 x86 & x64 and higher
  • Oblivion (patch and higher)
  • Skyrim LE (patch and higher)
  • Skyrim SE (patch and above)
  • Enderal (patch and above)
  • Fallout 3 (patch and above)
  • Fallout New Vegas (patch and above)
  • Fallout 4 (patch and above)

If you have previously used installer 306, then when installing version 307 or higher, it is recommended:

  1. Run the installer 307.xx
  2. Uncheck all the boxes in the installation window. Then click the Next button until the installer is finished (We just installed the patched uninstaller).
  3. Run the corrected uninstaller in the% COMMONPROGRAMFILES (X86)% \ Wrye Bash \ uninstall.exe folder (it should also be in the Start menu – All Programs – Vray Bash)
  4. The corrected uninstaller correctly perform the uninstall procedure of the previous version.
  5. Reinstall again Vray Bash new version 307 and higher. Don’t worry about Wrye bash being removed during this procedure, your settings will still remain in place, and installed mods/files will remain as they were.

The above procedure to root out bad registry entries all previous installers sat, who confused subsequent installations. For those who used the installer before and ended up with strange additional locations you don’t need (and delete incorrectly) .. this solves this problem.


Follow the main link – version 307 release. link – old versions 305 and 306 and 307beta1

  • Run Wrye Bash Setup.exe.
  • Click Next.
  • Check the Install for Skyrim and Wrye Bash [Standalone] boxes. Do NOT check Wrye Bash [Python].
  • Installation location – root folder of Skyrim or Fallout 4 or Skyrim SE. NOT DATA, but the root folder. I have it like this: (see screenshot below)

  • Click Next.
  • Click Install. We wait. Done

Now you need to check if the installation is correct – The Mopy folder should appear in the game folder

  • The Skyrim Mods or Fallout4 Mods or SkyrimSE Mods folder should appear in the folder where the game is installed. (If you look at the screen above, then in my case it is the GAMES folder)
  • The Bashed Patch file, 0.esp should appear in the DATA folder. If not, then: go to \ Mopy \ templates \ Skyrim \. Copy the Bashed Patch file, Skyrim.esp from there to the DATA folder. In the DATA folder, rename it to Bashed Patch, 0.esp.
  • All is ready. You can run the program from the \ Mopy \ Wrye Bash.exe folder. We launch. At the first start, it may hang for 30 seconds – we are waiting.


Here I want to describe the program panel. It can be different for everyone

  • Green square – enables/disables loading SKSE along with the game
  • Pink square – if checked, then when the game starts, Wrye Bash will close.
  • The third button is to start the game.

There will also be buttons for the mod scanner for errors, a document browser, settings, and help. But here it is convenient to add sorter buttons for example. How to do:

  • Find the folder with the game \ Mopy \ Apps
  • In this folder, we drop the shortcuts of the programs that you want to see on the panel. (on the .exe file of the desired PCM program – create a shortcut. Transfer this shortcut to a folder).

Starting with version 304, you can cram absolutely any programs here. But there is still a mechanism from older versions when some programs are grabbed automatically (they must have a special library).

How to use: (Here it will be in sections. Whoever needs it – he will read it)

  • The main function is working with mods. And so, before us is such a window:

In the left pane, all our plugins are in the order in which they are arranged. We can drag plugins wherever we want right in this window if we suddenly decide to swap places.
– .esm files are highlighted in blue

Black – esp. files
in green – merged plugins. A little later about them.
Purple – plugins with the NoMerge tag. Read it just to avoid questions and forget it.

  • Pay close attention to the squares

Green – the plugin is installed correctly (ATTENTION! Wrye Bash itself does not sort the plugins. It takes the correct installation exclusively from the list of plugin master files!)

Orange – warning that it seems that all master files for the plugin exist, but rather in total, are not installed in the order in which they are specified in the plugin. How to find out? Click on the plugin – all information about it will be on the right.

In my case, the requirements for master files are as follows – CCO first. Then SkyRe_Main. And I have the opposite.
LOOT, BOSS, or your own opinion will help you sort. I will only point out that the orange warning does not always lead to bugs in the game. Sometimes it cannot be fixed at all.

But if the square is pink, then something will definitely not work here. This usually indicates a lack of master files. We click on the problematic plugin, look at the list of master files.

1.3. A checkmark means the plugin is connected.
Plus sign – the mod is combined into the Bashed Patch (more on this below).
Point – Mod imported into Bashed Patch.
Empty – the mod is not active.

1.4. A little more about sorting. Especially for those who like to put mods heap and manually.
Users often have different versions of the same mod or different mods that perform a similar function and are incompatible with each other. Mutually exclusive groups can be used to tag these mods so you don’t accidentally activate more than one file. When more than one mod from a group is activated, all intersecting files will be highlighted in orange.

To declare such a group, you need to put a comma in the mod name. The comma part of the mod name will define all files in the group (i.e. the comma part of the name must be the same).


  • “Drop Lit Torches in Combat” has filed with different setting options: normal, B (brighter), NM (no messages), and BNM (brighter + no messages).
  • Rename them to: “Combat Torch, A.esp” (normal), “Combat Torch B, esp”, “Combat Torch, NM.esp” and “Combat

Torch, BNM.esp. As a result, you will have a group of files “Combat Torch”.

And if you stick two versions of this mod, the bash will warn you with an orange square. In general, it is considered a good form to make variable mods with such names, but alas, not everyone does that, they often put a dash.

1.5. By right-clicking on the plugin, a menu is available. You can see what’s interesting there. The most important thing is to delete the plugin or copy it.

1.6. The most important thing in this section. Remember in the installation I wrote about the Bash Patch file, 0.esp? So, for ANY sorting method, it should be LAST! The most-most. What for? About him in a separate section.

Installing Mods with Wrye Bash

  • Wrye Bash has an undeniable plus in installing plugins – they can be removed with all the tails and files. There are many opportunities for modders here. I will describe the settings for an ordinary player. And so – go to the “Installers” tab. The program may freeze for a few minutes and then display an empty window. So you need to push these installers into it.

Go to the Skyrim Mods \ Bash Installers folder. It is located in the same folder as the game. (from my example C: \ Games \)

We drop into this folder the archives with the mods that we want to install. 7z, rar, zip are supported. I will refer to these archives as packages.

Return to the “Installers” tab. ATTENTION! The more files are dropped into the folder, the longer it can load.

2.3.1 And so – install packages

If there is a magic wand on the package square (the archive contains the Wizard.txt file):

  • RMB on the package. We select “Wizard Installer”.
  • the installer dialog will appear, where you can select step-by-step installation options.
  • Press Apply and you’re done

2.3.2 For everything else:

  • select the package you want to install.
  • in the right window, select the checkboxes – what we want to install. In the windows “sub-packages” and “esm / esp filter”
  • RMB on the package, select “Install”.
    If you later decide to pre-install or reinstall some parts of the package – RMB, select “normalize”.


  • If a package is greyed out, it means that the structure of this archive is not supported by Wrye Bash. Installation only manually
  • However, if the file is gray, but the files in the archive still have a similar location structure to the game (for example, the installation folders were removed to the shared folder, then the “bash” will no longer understand it), then you can do this:
  • two times paintwork on the package. The archiver will open.
  • we extract the necessary folders.
  • in the installers, the extracted package will appear, only not with a square, but with a diamond.
  • continue to install as in 2.3.1 or 2.3.2, depending on the content.

The colors of the squares when installing:

Green – the package is fully synchronized. Those. its contents are located in the DATA folder.
Red – some files included in the package are missing in the DATA folder.

Orange – all package files are in DATA, but some esp / ESM files are not identical to the original ones in the package itself, i.e., for example, a patch/alternative mod was installed, or the user simply changed the files after installation.
Yellow – all package files are in the DATA folder, but some resource files (models, textures, etc.) do not match. That is, for example, a patch / alternative version of the mod was installed, or the user simply changed the files after installation or replaced them with some other.

White – the archive is recognized and ready to be installed.

Gray – the archive is not recognized and cannot be installed.

Cross X on any square – the archive is damaged.


  • I tried to describe the possibilities of installations in the most accessible way, without using terms and without being distracted by rare moments. There will be questions – I will add.
  • To remove the mod – right-click on the package, select “Uninstall”. This will remove ALL files related to the package. If the package files were overwritten (package NOT with a green square), the system will skip these files. Those. the mod that overwrites them will not break.

Bashed Patch file, 0.esp.

  • This file allows you to combine many plugins, reduce level lists, customize the game without some mods.
  • When you have decided on the order of loading plugins – you need to create this Bashed Patch, 0.esp. If it is not in the list of plugins, see the Installation section. RMB on it, select “Create a patch”.
  • Merge patches – if plugins can be merged (has a Merge tag), they will be displayed on the right. By checking the box, the system will combine them in this mod and disconnect them from the download list (see the section Working with mods).
  • Next are the sections for importing any data. It is better to set daws everywhere – then greater plug-in compatibility will be provided. (LVL sheets are aligned, names will be the same, etc.)
    Corrections of game parameters
  • You can slightly tweak the game parameters without using third-party mods.
  • We press “Create a patch”, wait, connect.


For each individual game, in the settings you need to change the encoding (gear at the bottom left, settings> plug-in encoding> …), for example, to create a bashed patch for the Russian version of the Skyrim LE game with translated mods in Russian, you need to set the encoding 1251 (western European ). For the game Skyrim SE and Fallout 4, you need to set the encoding UTF-8, otherwise, if you leave the encoding 1251 (western European), then when you create a bashed patch, the game will contain krakozyabry instead of Russian text.

Next, I will describe a couple of non-mod features.

“Add-ons for INI” tab – you can change the parameters in the Skyrim.ini file right here.
Saved Games Tab – Lets you do a few useful things.

Colors of squares:

The color of the checkbox shows the general state of the save file (all master files correspond to the connected mods):

  • Purple: Perfect The
    master files of the file completely match the currently connected mods
  • Blue: Good The
    save is compatible with the current set of plugins. Mods may be connected that were not used when creating this save
  • Green: Good, but the master files do not match the current set of connected mods
    To synchronize the list of mods with the required master files, use the LoadMaster files command
  • Orange: The order of loading the master files save changed
    Skyrim and TES CS will take it fine. However, if some mods conflicted with each other, for example, changing the same item, then due to the changed loading order, the final parameters of this item may also change
  • Red: There are no master files for the save file
    Check if all the necessary files are connected this save mod


  • Q: How can I see the item ID from a plugin in WB?
  • О: On the plug-in, in the “Mods” tab, RMB -Details. Will give out the ID of everything that is by category.
  • Q: What is PKM, LMB?
  • A: Right Mouse Button, Left Mouse Button
  • Q: Is it possible using WB to force the plugin to do … / change the plugin operation / remove from the plugin / add to the plugin, etc.
  • A: No, you can’t. WB is just a program that allows you to operate with plug-in packages, view them superficially, but there are other programs for changing them.
  • Q: I arranged the order of the mods, activated some, exited the WB, launched the game through a different launcher and the order changed. What to do?
  • A: The game should only be launched from WB. Button at the bottom. Otherwise, all these launchers are fighting for the right to arrange your mods and do not see each other. WB does not arrange it by itself, it takes lists from a file, which the programs grind each time.
  • Q: What should the archive look like for WB to fully understand it?
  • A: The archive must contain 1 level of attachment of pre-installation files. Those. there should be a folder in the archive and in it files and folders that should be placed in the DATA games. There may be several root folders themselves.
  • Q: Fomod folder why?
  • A: It is for installation via NMM
  • Q: There is a lot of junk in the archive – text documents, screenshots. I don’t want to put them on, clean them with my hands?
  • Oh no. RMB on the column header Package. At the bottom, select what to skip. Then WB will not install these files
  • Q: I want to install packages with an automatic installer. Where to get it, how to make it?
  • A: If not, then just write yourself. The syntax is outlined in the WB help. Knowledge of English – minimal
  • Q: Quacks in the game after creating abashed Patch. Just do kryakozyabry anywhere after installing WB
  • О: WB of older versions was bad friends with the Cyrillic alphabet. At 305 this is not observed, but sometimes it jumps. Check if there are Russian letters in the path before installing WB or the game. It is also better to have an account name in English. If Russian letters are found somewhere, it is better to change. If there are some cracks in the game after creating a patch, check the plug-in encoding. At the bottom of the WB settings button – plugin encoding. Should be Russian
  • Q: Where is the Skyrim Mods \ Bash Installers folder? In the folder where the game is installed, it is not!
  • A: Run WB, it will appear
  • Q: I just put the archive in SkyrimMods \ Bash Installers, and it is already red in the Installers
  • О: By default, WB immediately evaluates the contents of the package. Red is the absence of package files in DATA. Since you just placed the project in a folder, the files have not yet been unpacked – of course, they are not yet in DATA, and WB warns about this. The reason will be indicated on the right when choosing a package
  • Q: I installed the mod using WB. Then another, which replaced the files of the first. Now I want to delete the second one. Files of the first will be in place?
  • A: Yes, WB will return files from 1 mod. Conflicting files and mods to which they belong can be viewed on the right in the Installers
  • Q: I installed the mod manually / using another program. I want to change/remove it using WB
  • О: WB does not know that the mod is already installed. However, if the package is in the correct folder, it will show matches in the right window
  • Q: Some mods have NMM support. I want to use its installer, but I want to see the package in the WB Installers
  • A: When installing NMM, specify the folder for SkyrimMods \ Bash Installers
  • Q: I put the archives in the Bash installers folder, but the Installers tab is empty. The program does not see them.
  • A: Perhaps this option is disabled. In the RMB Installers tab on the heading of the Packages column – included

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