Skyrim – FNIS New Animations 7.5

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Skyrim - FNIS New Animations 7.5

About this mod

  • The date: 10/23/2019

This mod for Skyrim allows you to play new wait animations without having to use any workarounds for this, whether replacing existing animations or creating temporary pseudo-races. This is done by creating new animation slots in Skyrim.

This mod will be interesting not only for modders but also for ordinary players.

Players will be able to use it to make the NPC play some standard or custom animation, simply copy the animation file (.hkx) under the selected name into a special directory, and activate the animation using FNIS spells.

At the start, the player automatically receives 3 new spells:

FNIS selects a spell: this spell allows you to choose one of 72 animations that will be further used to play the player’s character or the selected NPC.

FNIS Animation for NPCs: This spell forces the selected NPC to play the previously selected animation

FNIS Animation for the player: This spell switches the view to 3rd person and forces your character to play the previously selected animation.



  • Added animal support
  • Added new FNIS Zoo mod
  • Furniture animation support
  • Fixed bug for non-steam users in 32-bit Windows
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