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With this mod, you will forget about the boring process of hunting various wild animals. This mod has a system based on a real carcass cutting process. With this mod, you can skin (collect skins), divide into alchemical ingredients, and some items for crafting and extraction of meat, based on the weight of the carcass, and not from the game settings.

Hunternborn is highly customizable, making it easy to adapt to your playing style. It is also ideal for working with RND and Campfire mods.

Update: 1.6

  • Fixes

Update: 1.5.2 (patch pack)

  • Fixed some data in patches for CACO and Wearable Lanterns mods.

Update: 1.5.1 (patch pack)

  • Updated patches for new versions of CACO, Wearable Lanterns, Campfire, Blacksmith Chests mods. The package of updated patches can be downloaded from the additional link.
  • In the mod itself, the translation of some options in the MSM menu, in which there were incorrect names, was corrected (correction of MONKS ). Removed unnecessary copies of scripts named.OLD

When you activate a killed beast, an action window appears in front of you, in which you can gut or take the carcass to your inventory (you cannot put large carcasses in your inventory. It can be configured in the MSM menu). After you throw the carcass out of your inventory, it will reappear on the ground and upon activation, you will again have a choice. After you gut the carcass, upon activation, you will have a choice in possible actions: skinning (skinning), searching for alchemical ingredients and bones (you can find teeth, eyes, hearts, horns), extracting meat, and destroying the corpse.

Evisceration is the first step in preserving the animal’s carcass and eliminating the most common causes of meat spoilage, usually by exsanguination.

Flaying- after butchering the carcass, the next step is usually skinning, but you can proceed in any order. With low experience in the skill of carcass cutting and in the absence of a hunting knife, the “Spoiled Skin” goes into the inventory, which can be transformed into strips of leather.

Gathering ingredients – In addition to meat and skins, animals can have many other useful things. Most are alchemy ingredients, but there are also crafting items that can be useful for playing the role of a hunter.

Meat extraction – now a certain type of meat can be found in animals or arthropods and can be food.

When you first start this mod, the Hunterborn a scripts assume that you are a young hunter, so at first, you will spend more time cutting the animal. Over time, you will become more experienced and you will receive more ingredients and meat, and better quality hides. Also, the results will be better when using a hunting knife.

Creating items will allow you to make bone tools, weapons, armor, jewelry, and consecrated bones from materials obtained from the carcass, creating a hunting cache will allow you to safely store your things.

Foraging will enable you to find edible roots, native plants, animal bones, and, for example, firewood in the field. In the south of Skyrim, you will get better results than in the northern regions.

Sense of direction – dynamic determination of the cardinal direction in the direction of the gaze. Accuracy increases with the progress of the hunter’s skills.

Animal bait will allow you to create a special type of food that allows you to tame a specific animal (wolf, rabbit, red, and snow foxes).

Primitive cooking will allow you to cook food from near a heat source. It is possible to cook simple options.

Strange Brew can be crafted with Wolf Eye and Nordic Honey. This drink is intoxicating, but only under the influence of this drink can you create some objects and dishes.

If a monster hunter is included in the MSM menu, you can get blood, poisons, and meat from creatures and even from dragons.

Hircine’s rites – what to do with a strange claw found in a just killed beast? Hunternborn has 3 hidden quests, information about which will not be displayed in the journal. They provide unique useful abilities. Therefore, talk to hunters more often and bargain with them. Completing quests on your own can be very difficult and time-consuming.

Compatibility and Recommended Mods:

  • Campfire – Complete Camping System – Highly Recommended. By foraging, you can find firewood and branches.
  • Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul – Highly Recommended. Seamless integration and collaboration.
  • Realistic needs and Diseases – there are patches for compatibility with HB
  • Requiem – full immersion with a strong role-playing component.
  • Wearable Lanterns – Using animal fat to make lantern oil.
  • Dynamic lanterns and lamps v1.5– Lanterns and Candles – the use of animal fat.
  • If you own Hearthfire, Hunterborn will automatically detect and adjust for availability. No patch is needed. If
  • SkyRe is available, Hunterborn will detect it and offer alternative gathering perks.
  • Hunting in Skyrim is fully compatible. it is possible to use alternative textures of skins. Configurable in Hunterborn MCM.
  • Frostfall 3 – Hypothermia Camping Survival built-in compatibility.
  • I need – Food Water and Sleep compatible, no patch needed.
  • Complete Crafting Overhaul and Weapon and Armor Fixes Remade compatible, configurable in the HB MSM menu.
  • Not compatible: mods adding new animals (conditional if you are using taxonomy).


  • Dawnguard
  • Dragonborn
  • SkyUI
  • Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)


  • Place the Data folder of the archive in the Skyrim folder.
  • Place optional patches in the Data folder and activate in the launcher
  • Patches for mods for Campfire, CACO, RND, Requiem, Blacksmith Chests, Wearable Lanterns, Lanterns & Candles

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