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Arcanum is a powerful spell mod for Skyrim LE that aims to combine unique gameplay with visuals of a quality never seen before in Skyrim. It implements 100 completed spells and over 300 planned spells.


Have you ever downloaded an exciting spell mod full of creative and interesting spells – only to spam with fireballs over and over again anyway? Or would you like all the awesome visuals from a mod like Colorful Magic to actually be included in something friendly and balanced? In Skyrim, magic is too often a routine. Exercise with the touch of a finger to use the same spells over and over again, with no room for creative combinations or adaptation. Arcanum seeks to change this. Rather than being just a collection of powerful lightning bolts, Arcanum is meant to be a journey of magical experimentation.

Different schools of magic and different styles in these schools have been given unique features and game mechanics that encourage creative combinations and interactions. As a mage player himself, the mod is made with a full understanding of other popular magic mods and is intended to be a pivot that can breathe new life into old spell fashions. And, after years of experimentation, practice, and communication with some of the most prolific and talented artists and wizards, Arcanum has some of the most unique and advanced visuals of any Skyrim mod.

Fully animated spinning tornadoes, giant meteors, and the ability to summon stars at will – these are just a few of the powers at your disposal. Of course, powerful magic is not easy – and many of these spells require arcane rituals or other settings to be used effectively. It’s up to you how to make the most of these spells.

Altered Spells and Spell Creation

This is a form of combining spell effects and visual effects to create spells that are a fusion of other spells. You can find the Spell Reissue Table in the Arcaneum and College of Winterhold.


Arcanum should be compatible with all other spell mods, perk mods, etc. It is specifically designed to work with things like spell charging, chaining, etc. Or with any other magic mods, you have installed.

Things like ASIS should be compatible too, the only spell that’s written for a particular player is Extinction Star, but it can be easily changed.


Skyrim LE


Download the main mod from Nexus – Then on our website in the section FILES download the translated ESP, unpack and place it in the client’s Data folder with subsequent activation in the manager ..

From the author of the translation

Mod is very large. At the moment, it has about 3 thousand lines. It is physically impossible to test the quality of the translation alone. Please, if you find a translation error, please unsubscribe me. I will correct them whenever possible.


  • 07/13/2020 – Update to version 3.2b
  • 09/16/2020 – Update to version 3.5d

Don’t hesitate anymore to download Arcanum – A New Age of Magic for free here and enjoy its greatness.

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