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A very serious task is facing the developer in the addition of FNaF 7 Ultimate Custom Night . It is stated that it will involve fifty animatronics from all parts of FNaF, except FNaF World. There is no such variety in any classic part of the horror, so it will be very interesting to look at such a combination and make an attempt to hold out all night in the company of such opponents.

FNaF 7 Ultimate Custom Night

Gameplay in FNaF 6 Own night

All the events that FNaF 6 prepared for us Its night take place in an office setting, but in an updated form. Here is a huge amount of all kinds of details, which can be considered for a very long time. Different elements symbolize all parts of the game in which they are present.

There are three main ways to get into the guard’s office – these are two doors, as well as ventilation. Animatronics will use all of them to get to the player. But you will have something to answer all these opponents with. Doors can be closed for a while, and ventilation is blocked by special grilles and a window. The ventilation system affects the room temperature. It is important not only so that you can exist, but also on how cool the activity of certain animatronics depends on in your office.

Some of the opponents are attracted by loud sounds, while others simply randomly move around the premises. Each of the characters has his system of behavior and you need to consider this to be able to survive in this nightmare. A new element of gameplay has also appeared – this is a slippery floor plate. It can be installed opposite one or another door to restrain the activity of certain robots.

Functionality FNaF 7 Ultimate Custom Night

It will not be easy to navigate all this huge number of possible combinations of actions. Especially at first, when it is not at all clear which particular dangers to fear more and how to quickly respond to certain incidents. Therefore, a good knowledge base was created for their night called FNaF 7 Ultimate Custom Night. This is an application in which you can familiarize yourself with all the heroes of the game. You can choose any of the characters and read about his features and methods of defense in the FNaF test 6 Your night. Also, if you click on the animatronics image in the window that opens, you will hear a screamer of its attack.

The April Fool’s description of the characters, which Scott Coughton jokingly posted, also got into the database. Everyone can get acquainted with such information in two versions of languages ​​- English and English. In the settings, you can switch between these interface options. The presence of FNaF 6: Ultimate Custom Night in English greatly simplifies understanding, because not everyone can understand English.

Download this manual and familiarize yourself with the available animatronics to be ready for the challenges that await you in Your night. So far, Scott Coughton is programming animatronics, but soon an update will be released, and you will be ready for it.

FNaF 6 Ultimate Custom Night (Fan-Made)

While Scott Coughton is preparing the official release of the continuation of FNaF 6, fans have already fussed and created their version of the add-on to the game. This, of course, is not quite what we expect from the official release of our night in FNaF 6, but much better than nothing. In this test, you will have the opportunity to play in the likeness of the place that the developer of this game designs. There will not be many animatronics here, but eight full-fledged characters are implemented and their number will be gradually replenished. The main thing is that now you can begin to survive, which many so wanted. The cabinet is equipped with familiar security features – surveillance cameras, automatic doors and ventilation ducts. These systems are controlled by viewing surveillance cameras. There is also a Freddy mask that you should wear if animatronics are already in front of you. Generally, A parody that allows you to practice a bit before the release of the full version of FNaF 6 Custom Night.

FNaF 7 Ultimate Custom Night Release 

Finally, the release of FNaF 7 Ultimate Custom Night happened and now the game is available for download to your computer. Many elements have been redesigned and improved. Scott Coughton created a game that exceeded the expectations of most fans. A large selection of opponents with the ability to adjust activity parameters, the ability to select a game room, and various challenges for those who like to complete the full horror games. You should like it because the author tried to create a decent game, which deserves to be called a full version of FNaF 7, and not be an addition to the already released game. Graphics are getting better all the time and has reached new heights. A truly successful release that all fans have been waiting for so much. The game can be download via the direct link below without any problems and payments.

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