Classic Holstered Weapons System Free Download

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Classic Holstered Weapons System Fallout 4 Free Download

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This week the author shavkacagarikia Finally created a new Mods for the game Fallout 4. It is an appropriate engine-level system that allows you to display weapons wrapped on characters, with customizations. Choose different customizations as quickly as possible.

Surely we all know that for Fo4 Bethesda has made the difficult choice of eliminating the appearance of weapon physics when it surrounds the characters. Today you choose a weapon and will see that that cover is completely lost in space. This is a Mods with a mechanical level system and works better than the previous Fallout games. In addition, the true nature of the new Mods allows it to work on any weapon included in this game. Its installation is similar to the regular Mods we have made. You only need to back up the original to restore it when needed.

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