LOST AND FOUND © is a horror game created with Unreal Engine and with characters based on Five Nights at Freddy’s

Lost and Found is a scary game that develops what could have happened at the end of FNAF 3 (Five Nights at Freddy’s 3) and the Springtrap scene in FNAF Sister Location. You are Willliam Afton, the father of a missing child who enters the dark and abandoned Fazbear Entertainments Warehouse. In the warehouse there are thousands of objects, thousands of forgotten memories, it’s like a grave, broken animatronic robots … or maybe not everything seems so still. Find your son (or what’s left of him) while exploring the dark warehouse without falling into the grip of two fearsome animatronics: Mangle and Freddy … Good luck!

Lost and Found is a horror game created by an independent developer called Angus Games (see profile on the Gamejolt game platform here), also creator of the FNAF Sister Location: Unreal Engine Edition game. Unreal Engine technology allows great realism in the graphics of this game with incredible scenarios. Below you can see one of the always interesting gameplays of the game made by the well-known YouTuber iTownGamePlay in his video “Appointment with Mangle and Freddy – Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan Made“:

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How to download and play Lost and Found for free?

The game is available for download completely free on the indie game platform Gamejolt. To proceed to download for free, click on the “PLAY NOW” button on the top left of this page and the download will begin, or:

> Version to download and play for free. Click here to access the Gamejolt profile and download the official version for Windows (700 Mb).