One Night at the Old location Free Download

[dropcap]A [/dropcap]s a loyal fan of the famous horror game series “Five Nights at Freddy’s” (FNAF Games), you will find this new game familiar yet still very interesting.

A scene in the “One Night at the Old location” game.

In One Night at the Old location, you will play as William. According to the storyline, you came back to the old location of Freddy’s with the aim to deactivate all of the insane animatronics. 

However, when you reached the destination, almost all of them were already deactivated. But … what was still active? Guess what? It is our main villain character – Freddy. 

Then, you have to try your best to survive in a single night with Freddy. Can you live on? Or dead?

Although other evil characters were inactive, and only Freddy was there with you, it is still not an easy game. Freddy will find and kill you more aggressively than ever.

The gameplay is not too new, but the horror atmosphere, the sensational elements, and suspense are still everywhere in the game. So, brave yourself before launching One Night at the Old location, or you will have to jump out of your computer’s screen!

You can download this exciting horror game via this link:

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The download file size is just 70mb.